Why Waypoint Young Adult?

We are Specialists

WayPoint utilizes a highly specialized, holistic approach in assisting young adult men who have been negatively affected by anxiety and its impact on their quality of life.  We provide individualized support in the areas of counseling/therapy, nutrition, recreational and cardiovascular activities, executive function, and life skills.

Anxiety and Avoidance

Life is difficult for individuals afflicted with anxiety such as panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorder, generalized and/or social anxiety and others.  When confronted with fear, a natural reaction is to avoid the fear-provoking stimuli. Pervasive avoidance of the anxiety-provoking circumstance can affect the individual negatively in a variety of ways such as depression, school avoidance, excessive screen time including gaming, social withdrawal, and poor follow through on tasks and goals.

In addition, habitual avoidance can lead to limited emotional resiliency and fosters a distorted view of one’s abilities and self-worth. Although avoidance “protects” an individual from perceived failure, embarrassment, judgment, and/or rejection, it also prevents one from experiencing success. Now, what started as an anxiety problem morphed into a bigger problem: negative self-thought, fewer positive life experiences, and an inability to withstand future challenges.

WayPoint’s Mindful Completion Model

WayPoint takes our unique Mindful Completion Model to assist young adult males in acquiring, practicing and honing the skills to overcome not only the negative effects of anxiety, but to increase executive function skills, life skills, emotional resilience, motivation, healthy relationship development, and assist in achieving education and vocational goals – all to support the journey toward independence. 

At WayPoint we don’t simply remove the stressors individuals have historically struggled with and then process the past during therapy. Instead, we supportively expose our residents at optimal times to the very stressors that have controlled their lives. Strength and empowerment come from facing and overcoming challenges, and as one mindfully addresses the source of struggles, he gains experience, confidence, and emotional endurance.

Skill development, improved self-esteem, and identify formation occurs through the 8 Elements of the Mindful Completion Model. Our model targets not only therapeutic tools, tasks, and personal responsibilities, but addresses practical life skills and builds confidence by engaging residents in a wide variety of recreation and adventure activities that promote satisfaction and enjoyment.  For more details, examine the 8 elements of the MCM below.

The 8 elements of MCM: 

Some elements of the Mindful Completion Model are based on years of replicated studies, while others make use of new scientific findings. The blending together of these is the heart of WayPoint’s innovative approach to propel young men into a much-improved quality of life experience.  Click on the image for descriptions of the 8 elements.