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Don't let teen anxiety take over your family's happiness! WayPoint Academy offers a one-of-a-kind treatment center for boys and girls. Start healing your family today!


Our residential anxiety treatment program provides a safe, supportive environment for teens struggling to manage their anxiety with outpatient therapy. WayPoint Academy’s therapeutic school offers anxiety-specific therapy, accredited academics, medication management, holistic wellness, social practice & learning, and other coping skills taught by dedicated experts.

When your teen’s anxiety becomes too oppressive and nothing else has helped, it may be time for an anxiety treatment program.

Designed to reverse the debilitating effects of anxiety

Anxiety Specific Therapy

Finding the right anxiety treatment model for each individual student and matching it with the right intervention.

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Accredited Academics

Our high school is designed for teens who struggle with school refusal, have been overwhelmed by traditional schools and found online & alternative schools inadequate.

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Physical Fitness

Research shows aerobic exercise is an especially helpful tool for teenagers suffering from chronic and severe anxiety.

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Nutritional deficiencies are proven to be a risk factor for anxiety, mood, & panic disorders. Proper nutrition is an essential part of treating anxiety in teens.

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Life Skills

Skills acquisition serves a crucial role in treating teen anxiety, as our students challenge negative personal beliefs while promoting confidence, successful outcomes, and independence.

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Executive Function

Because of the tremendous role Executive Functioning plays in completion, developing and implementing strategies that improve these skills is a key component in treating teen anxiety.

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Recreation, Service, & Adventure

 Recreational & service activities enhance self-confidence and self-esteem, contributing to anxiety relief and identity development.

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Community Involvement

The community provides a setting where newly learned behaviors are field tested. Conversely, maladaptive and destructive behaviors are redirected toward positive patterns.

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We're Proud to Achieve the Highest Standards of Accreditations and Professional Memberships


Backed by The Joint Commission which ensures programs adhere to the highest quality of clinical and medical practices.


Full member of the National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP), which ensure regulation of programs that serve children and adolescents.


Full Member of the International OCD Foundation, which ensures our staff has access to the most up-to-date OCD treatment practices and research.


This program is proud to be Cognia Accredited. Cognia provides accreditation to schools that have earned recognition for their reputation and high educational standards.

Who Needs a Teen Anxiety Treatment Program?

Everyone experiences anxiety to some degree. Worrying about certain situations like exams, job interviews, and romantic relationships is normal. But, when a teen’s anxiety begins to interfere with everyday life, or when it becomes persistent, chronic, and debilitating, they may need an anxiety treatment program.

Does therapy help anxiety? Absolutely. Click to learn more about anxiety treatment outcomes and research | WayPoint Academy for teen anxiety

WayPoint has conducted Research Outcome Studies since the inception of the Treatment Center in 2013. Our research & outcomes prove it is possible to live a life free from severe anxiety, panic, and OCD

What Our Clients Say About WayPoint Academy

Our son just graduated from Waypoint and I cannot say enough great things about this program. Our son learned so many aspects about himself and the tools to deal with his anxiety. His therapist was amazing with our son and explained every aspect of the therapeutic process to us. We will miss Waypoint and everyone there. It truly is an amazing program and I am thankful for all who work there and dedicate a career to helping these young men.

- D. Purdy

I went to WayPoint about 6 months ago and I came into the place at a weird time when COVID was on the rise. I had severe anxiety and depression. I instantly clicked with my therapist.  The Academy does an exceptional job at assigning the right therapists for students. There is one thing that WayPoint has that nearly no public or private school accomplishes, and that is friendship on a deeper level and understanding. Everyone knows everything about each other so people can connect easier and support those in need. Some of the best friends I have ever made came from WayPoint and I will cherish that forever. WayPoint taught me a lot of things and how to cope with anxiety and depression and I strongly recommend. 10/10. Needs more rugs though.

- R. Shea

I went to WayPoint for a little over 9 months and am writing this out of an honest experience. When I first got there, mostly everyone was very welcoming and the staff were super helpful. There were many ups and downs during my stay but overall I think it worked and paid off. The WayPoint school system is amazing and super helpful with credits that I needed to recover from missing school. My therapist was so helpful -- same with all of the other therapists who were super nice to me. My therapist  helped me through so much and stuff encouraged me to do my best. I eventually got on the schedule that WayPoint had and getting up and working out in the morning helped me wake up for the day and be ready. All of the lead staff were so helpful and nice. I still talk to my therapist to this day for help I need at my new school. There were kids there that were Non-Binary and everyone was so accommodating towards them and so nice which I thought was amazing. My favorite teacher would help students above and beyond and stay after hours just to help students and play games with them and give them prizes which I think really helped a lot of students.  All of the other teachers are amazing also and do the same. I would 100% give this place a 5/5! WayPoint is amazing!

- C. McGregor

I went to WayPoint for a little less than a year and the experience completely transformed me for the better. Before WayPoint, my anxiety had complete control over my life, now I feel like myself again and I feel I am living to my full potential. At the beginning of my stay, I had mixed feelings towards treatment but once I started to really let myself accept help and make friends, my mood improved and I began to believe that I could regain control of my life. It was unfortunate that soon after I graduated, the country went into quarantine but if it hadn’t been for the skills I learned at WayPoint I would have completely regressed to my old self. Instead, I made the most of the situation and maintained a healthy mental state throughout. "Fun RTC" is an oxymoron, but I honestly believe that WayPoint offers the best help for boys with severe anxiety in the country. The staff are really cool and It was extremely beneficial to be able to relate to other students with similar experiences. I had some of the most fun in my life snowboarding at Powder Mountain and backpacking in southern Utah and Wyoming. For me, WayPoint was truly life-changing.

- R. Jacobsen

WayPoint is an excellent program for boys with anxiety-related disorders. Our son has severe OCD and when he came there, every aspect of his life was affected by it. WayPoint not only helped in taming OCD, but was also transformative in other aspects as well. Our son became a better scholar and communicator; improved his social skills and matured. WayPoint helped tremendously. The therapists, teachers, support staff, and directors in WayPoint did a great job helping our son with OCD and anxiety. This program is one-of-a-kind that knows and applies ERP therapy that addresses specifically OCD. Jared Balmer went above and beyond helping our son with home-based exposure therapy. Besides the therapeutic component, WayPoint has an outstanding outdoor experiential program with lots of great opportunities for the boys, like skiing, biking, camping, and fishing, to name a few. Our son got to do beekeeping, took care of chickens and did gardening, did various arts and crafts projects. And especially during COVID lockdowns, the staff provided tremendous support, and this was practically a lifesaver for us. Thank you WayPoint, we are forever grateful!

- V.L.

Because WayPoint teachers understand that avoidance and failure to complete tasks are central to adolescents’ struggles with anxiety, they utilize a strategic, comprehensive approach for completing educational goals.


The community provides a setting where newly learned behaviors are field tested. Recreation, service, and adventure are strategically woven into student life to provide opportunities for social learning and practice.

Is it normal teenage behavior or is it something else? These assessments may help you know how much your teen's and family's life are being affected by anxiety:

  • Teen Anxiety Test: Find out if your teen's anxiety could signify something more serious.
  • Teen OCD Test: Find out if your teen is experiencing the most common symptoms of OCD.
  • Teen OCD Severity Test: Designed to rate the severity of obsessive and compulsive symptoms in teens.
  • Family Accommodation Scale: Every parent accommodates their kids.  See if the level of accommodation your teen requires is typical or if it severely impacts your family.
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