Response and Policy for the COVID-19 Pandemic


1. Phase One


On March 18, 2020, WayPoint initiated a self-imposed total quarantine. Elements of these measures included the following:

  1. 25+ employees volunteered to stay at the WayPoint campus 24/7 for an indefinite time .Employees slept in their respective offices, classrooms, brought their own trailers, or slept on cots in the gym.
  2. The outside doors of the facility were locked, preventing any visitors from entering. Notification, both in English and Spanish, were posted at the door informing them to:

    - Leave the mail on the porch
    - Call our phone number if they needed to speak with someone.
  3. Incoming mail and parcels/packages were disinfected by staff members prior to bringing them into the facility.
  4. Daily temperatures were taken for all employees and residents. Handwashing was required prior to any meal. Door handles and high use surfaces were disinfected routinely.
  5. Residents were provided with extra communication time with their respective parents via Skype.

On April 2, 2020, phase one ended with a total of 46 days of complete lockdown. During this period, no symptomology was present among staff or residents.


2. Phase Two


Because a complete self-imposed shut down is unsustainable, both from a human resource and financial perspective, phase 2 was implemented on following phase one.

This policy is in place now. Elements of these measures include the following:

  1. Employees resume their regular shift schedule.
  2. When reporting for work, temperatures are taken and recorded for all employees.
  3. Handwashing for staff and residents is required prior to any meal. Door handles and high use surfaces are disinfected routinely.
  4. All visitors and repair workers are required to wear masks when entering the building.
  5. All employees are directed to a) not leave their homes as much as possible, b) comply with social distancing guidelines, c) wear masks in public and while doing necessary shopping.
  6. Employees are informed that in the event they participate in mass gatherings, they will be required to be tested and remain on home quarantine for 14 days prior to returning to work.
  7. An employee who comes in contact with someone who is infected with COVID-19 must be tested and remain on home isolation for 14 days prior to returning to work.
  8. Residents’ bedrooms are intermittently disinfected with Ozone Generators.
  9. In the kitchen and dining area (high use areas) a Halo-Remie Filtration system was installed in the HVAC system, using UV light as a disinfecting measure.
  10. All mail is dropped off on the front porch and disinfected by staff prior to bringing it into the facility.


3. Phase Three


With the spike in COVID-19 cases in Utah, additional protective measures were implemented beginning on June 3, 2020. Along with Phase 2 measures,these measures are in place now. Elements of these measures include the following:

  1. All employees are directed to wear masks when entering the facility and keep them in place throughout the working day.
  2. Temperatures of all employees and residents are taken twice each day.


Admitting New Residents


  1. Residents admitted from an Outdoor Behavioral Health Program
    1. Residents who transfer from a regional wilderness program to WayPoint (Utah, Idaho, Colorado), are transported by WayPoint staff.
    2. In such a circumstance, the resident will not be placed in quarantine when arriving at WayPoint, but will immediately join the daily programming since there is overwhelming evidence that the resident is symptom free.
  2. Residents admitted from other situations, who arrive with or without parents/escort via car or airplane.
    1. The parent/escort is responsible to have the resident tested for COVID-19 and stay in a hotel or other accommodations awaiting the test results. In the event the test results are negative, the resident is admitted to WayPoint and placed in a single bedroom. In the event that the test results are positive, the resident will not be admitted until further testing is negative.
    2. Under social distancing guidelines, the resident is allowed outside the bedroom for leisure and recreational activities. Meals and schoolwork are brought to the resident’s bedroom.
    3. After 14 days have elapsed from the day the resident arrived in Utah and providing the resident is symptom free, the resident will participate in regular programing.